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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a distressing disorder that is conservatively estimated to affect between 2-10% of the UK population. It is widely acknowledged that the catalyst factors of BPD are often rooted in traumatic childhood experiences. These can include real, or perceived, instances of physical, sexual or mental abuse. Diagnosable BPD usually emerges after adolescence and it is generally pervasive. Those affected find it incredibly difficult to either contain, or process, overwhelming emotional feelings. This causes extreme emotional instability which can and often does, result in instances of severe depression, self-harm, anger, aggression and high-risk behaviour. BPD sufferers can experience acute fear of abandonment and may go to great lengths to prevent real or imagined instances of this. Bouts of uncontrollable anger and disruptive or seemingly manipulative behaviour may be triggered by a distorted sense of perception of themselves or others. These are only outward signs of the acute emotional torment that exists within the person. BPD is undeniably an incredibly distressful disorder. It has been unjustly stigmatised by people who have little or no understanding of its complexity. However sustainable levels of recovery from BPD can be achieved with specialist help from Mental Health Services. Carers of people diagnosed with BPD have the lowest levels of well being of any group in society today. High levels of emotional distress are common among carers. Understandably many carers struggle to cope and they often feel totally isolated, unsupported and helpless. This forum provides a safe place for all PD carers to freely express their fears or concerns, and access essential information and support. In many areas of the UK, the main source of support and information for carers, is other carers. PD carers help and support each other. To ensure complete confidentiality our support forums may only be accessed by PD carers.
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